I recently bought this Galaxy Tab4 and opted to use without a sim. However, the notification “Insert your SIM”, was driving me crazy and I decided to remove this system notification, but needed to root my device before that. If you wish to root your Galaxy Tab4, use the following given steps :

1) Make sure all the samsung drivers are installed in your PC

2) Boot the device into download mode by holding Power+Vol down+home and connect to computer using the USB cable.

3) Install Odin 1.85 ( Download options can be found here )

4) Download the openrecovery-twrp from this URL here

5) Open Odin, select PDA and then select the just downloaded file – openrecovery-twrp-


Make sure to untick every option as given in the above screenshot.

6) Once the PDA along with the file is selected, hit the button ‘Start’

7) Once this is complete, power-off the device, and then press Power+vol up+home to boot into twrp recovery menu.

8) select the option –  reboot > system and then move across the slide option to install root.

9) As your device is rebooted open superuser installer app and follow instructions to update the App from PlayStore and then install SU binary updates and finally then reboot.

The above steps will ensure the Device is rooted.

Now, to remove that agonizing notification “No Sim inserted”, do the following steps :

  • Download the free “Notifications Off”  App from Play store
  • Once it is installed, open the App and search for “system ui” and then un-check it and save your settings.

Vanished ! 😀