Sometimes we get a message like “No backupset selected to be restored” while trying to restore a Database into SQL server 2012 or SQL Server 2014 using SQL Management Studio. There are various reasons for this to happen, such as :

  • If we are trying to restore the backup from a different version of SQL Server. For example consider we have SQL Server 2008 Express and if we try to restore a backup of any other version such as SQL Server 2012 or 2014, this error should pop up.
  • Another main reason is related to the permission of ‘.bak’ file. If the .bak file is having any special permissions or it is located in a folder with special permissions, then Management studio will not read the file and this may lead to this error. So we make sure that .bak file have the appropriate permission  before proceeding with the restoration.

If you are facing this issue and you want more information about this error, try to restore the DB using the following T-SQL:

RESTORE DATABASE <Your Database > FROM DISK=’<Path to your backup file>\<Your Database>.bak’

This should do it 🙂